Brazil’s Senate rejected the decree of Jair Bolsonaro that affected social networks

The Brazilian Senate informed the government the rejection of the decree that affected the content rules of social networks. The head of the organization sent the response to the Palacio Do Planalto. Jair Bolsonaro’s initiative sought to make tasks difficult to prevent misinformation on the internet.

The president of the senator, Rodrigo Pacheco, indicated that the decree was contrary to the constitution. The congressman added that the provision also generates “legal insecurity” by affecting the Civil Framework of the Internet. Bolsonaro’s proposal was waiting to be processed in parliament.

The executive was looking prevent the removal of accounts, profiles and content on the networks. The document established the need for a “just cause” to delete content or suspend users. It also established new protocols for suspensions and allowed the recovery of publications.

Pacheco commented that issues related to “political rights, freedom of expression, communication and expression of thought” cannot be seen in a decree. The head of the Senate specified that those matters correspond to the congress for being of “high technical complexity”.

Globo G1 It specifies that Bolsonaro’s decree was criticized by the companies and the Federal Supreme Court. Facebook had warned it was unconstitutional. The ultra-rightist is investigated for spreading false information and affecting democracy.

Jair Bolsonaro greets his fans at an event in Sao Paulo

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