Brazilians do not advance in the World Age Group of trampoline gymnastics

(Trend News Agency)

Opening to disputes of the World Age Group in trampoline gymnastics, Brazil was represented by four gymnasts this Thursday (25th) in Baku, Azerbaijan. For the individual springboard dispute for athletes aged 13 and 14, Clara Antunes, Maria Marcante and Clara Vasconcelos stopped in the qualifying dispute, as did Kaua Maia in the men’s.

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In the women’s dispute, the three Brazilian representatives ended up ending the qualifying next in the classification and ended up not getting the classification in the decision of the race. Clara Antunes was the best placed in 29th place with 82,445 points added. Maria Marcante appeared soon after, in the 31st position, with 77,855 points. Finally, Clara Vasconcelos secured 75,005 points and closed the dispute in 33rd place.

Among men, Brazil was also represented in the individual springboard dispute. Kaua Maia de Oliveira completed the day in 36th place with 75,525 points conquered and ended up not qualifying for the decision.


Tournament of an international character, the World Age Group of trampoline gymnastics will continue to take place in Azerbaijan until next Sunday (28). Brazil will be represented in weight during every day of the competition.

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