Brandon Burgos: the 11-year-old tattoo artist who gains popularity for his artistic ability

Brandon Burgos is just 11 years old, but a natural talent and a “very light” hand with which he has tattooed about thirty people who have entrusted him with their skin to capture their art.

With hands clad in latex gloves, Brandon outlines and fills in complicated, as well as aesthetic, shapes in his father’s small studio in the city of Puebla, central Mexico.

He is in the last year of primary school and dreams of being a sailor. But “if you can’t, then a tattoo artist,” he says smiling to AFP.

Just a year ago he had his first opportunity on a human canvas: his father’s skin, where he drew a skull.

The dark walls of the study reflect Brandon’s young silhouette, with a tender face. In contrast, her focused gaze on the skin of one of her clients projects surprising maturity.

The precision with which he draws a tiny circle, pore by pore, is expert. He has thus shaped a feline face reminiscent of Egypt, after which he carefully cleanses the skin.

His high-pitched voice singing a trendy song reminds him that it is a child.

“I started helping my dad, watching videos and there is a book that is a tattoo course, I started reading it, I started to get more,” he says.

Brandon Burgos’ dream is to become a professional tattoo artist. (Free Press Photo: EFE)

– Popularity on the rise –

After his father, uncles and friends arrived. “Now more people ask me to tattoo them and, of course, they are giving me the confidence and I appreciate it,” says Brandon.

He assures that the nerves were left behind and he has even received an invitation to participate in his first exhibition in Tepito, the famous rough neighborhood of Mexico City.

His father, José Burgos, a tattoo artist for seven years, proudly says that Brandon spontaneously approached him to learn about his trade.

“He sees it seriously, (…) from the age of six he liked drawing, but with the pandemic he got more involved, the only condition is that he give me good grades,” he says.

Before tattooing people, he practiced on silicone skins and fruits, José recalls. “People ask for it a lot, they have about 30 tattoos and everyone is satisfied and without any complications.”

“I never imagined that my son would get me a tattoo. He has a good hand, very light ”, adds the moved father.

Brandon says that his father’s drive was definitive to exploit his talents and that he has never thought about leaving school to work.

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