Border line with Pakistan: insurgents in Kashmir shoot five soldiers

Soldiers in Srinagar in Indian-controlled Kashmir on June 26th
Image: dpa

According to the Indian army, insurgents shot five soldiers in the Indian-controlled part of Kashmir. The attack is the bloodiest incident since a ceasefire signed in February.

IIn the Indian-controlled part of Kashmir, insurgents shot five soldiers on Monday, according to the Indian army. An officer and four other soldiers were killed while on duty near the border line with Pakistan, Colonel Devendar Anand told the AFP news agency. The so-called control line in Kashmir forms the de facto border between India and Pakistan.

The attack on Indian soldiers at the line of control is the bloodiest incident since a ceasefire signed in February. According to the Indian authorities, two alleged insurgents were also killed in further incidents on Monday.

Kashmir has been divided since British Indian independence and a war between India and Pakistan in 1947. However, the region is still fully claimed by both India and Pakistan. Insurgents are fighting the Indian army in the Himalayan region and are demanding independence or a merger with Pakistan. Tens of thousands of civilians, soldiers and insurgents were killed in the fighting. India accuses Pakistan of supporting the insurgents.

Photo: Levinger

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