Boca and a millionaire debt for the pass of Pablo Pérez


Three, are the millions of pesos that Boca must pay for Pablo Pérez.

The ruling holds that “In February 2018, Boca signed a new contract with the player” and that “the compensation that corresponds to be paid in the concept of Sports Training Law in group sports must be made effective every time the professional athlete signs a new contract “.

The text of Judge Quaglia warns that “although Boca is an entity that resists the payment of these claims questioning the constitutionality of the law in all the lawsuits in which it is sued, it expressly accepts that national law No. 27,211 provides for the renewal of the contracts as a supposed generator of the right of the training clubs “.

Pablo Pérez played for Boca between 2014 and 2018. He was 4 times champion at the local level and went on to Independiente after the final lost to River for the Copa Libertadores.

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