Blanchet will not make gifts to Legault

In a video published on November 15, Yves-François Blanchet announced that the Bloc Québécois would support the PQ troops in the provincial election in 2022.

When we think about it for two seconds, we are not surprised that sovereignists support sovereignists.

So, nothing to write to his mother? A moment.

This statement will inevitably make waves by the campaign next fall.

Apple pie

The leader of the Bloc said “that we cannot be against apple pie and the Bloc Québécois will support the throne speech, even if it appears to be college work written in half a day”.

He’s right, apple pie tastes good. However, he could still have fought a little for Quebec without relaunching the country in election.

In the throne speech, François Legault’s two major demands on health transfers and immigration are not found in the roadmap that Mr. Trudeau presented on Tuesday.

For the Bloc, it’s groundhog day. In 2019, he also supported the Speech from the Throne quite quickly.

Whose interests?

During the election campaign, Mr. Blanchet skated several times trying to explain the mission of his party.

Does the Bloc defend the interests of Quebeckers, the Government of Quebec, the National Assembly or does it defend the provincial jurisdictions?

With its video and its response to the Liberal speech, it is now clear that the Bloc is defending the interests of the Parti Québécois and not those of the Government of Quebec.

Mr. Legault never needed the Bloc to communicate with Mr. Trudeau.

However, today, he has confirmation that Mr. Blanchet will not help him make gains for Quebec. Gains that would be seen as a plus for his re-election.

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