Belinda falls in love with a mini dress from her Shein collection that shows off her waist

The interpreter of Beautiful betrayal, is one of the most talented women in the world of entertainment, which since she launched her own clothing line in Shein, has not stopped showing off her clothes on social networks, so this time she fell in love with a mini dress that highlighted her waist.

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Belinda is one of the most coveted and beautiful women in the TV, who began her career as an actress and singer when she was just a girl, winning the hearts of many people who, to this day, remain aware of what she does and her career.

Although television and concerts It is not the only medium in which she shares her talents, but also through social networks, where on this occasion she fell in love by wearing a long-sleeved black mini dress with an oval-shaped opening under her chest.

This garment highlighted her tiny waist. Her hair is loose and casual, while her make-up It included a black eyeliner and wine-colored lips, like a goddess this woman, since her impressive green eyes stand out with this arrangement of eyelids.

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Belinda accompanied this publication with an invitation, “Dresses, coats, pants and countless incredible garments, get your favorite pieces from my collection SHEIN x Belinda”, luring all the fans to use their code to acquire countless garments.

His followers did not hesitate to comment on this publication with many compliments and hearts, naming it the most beautiful of all and congratulating Christian Nodal because of how lucky he is to have this woman by his side, and the truth is that yes, he can’t ask for more from life.

An issue that has us quite anxious is the date of your wedding, which is sure to take place this year, but we already need you to reveal the month or at least the progress of the preparations, which I imagine will be luxurious, will be a sensational night.

We already want to see her dressed in white entering the altar, while her beloved Christian Nodal awaits her with much love and mixed feelings, and that is that she goes lesson that they gave to all those people who said that their relationship was publicity.

Again cupid did his job very well with this young couple who is about to reach the altar. For now we will continue to be aware of new outfits that you share through social networks, as she looks beautiful and gives her followers ideas on how to dress.

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