Belinda and Christian Nodal reappear together and very much in love; their mother-in-law balconies them

After the strong rumors that shook the entertainment world in which it was speculated that Belinda and Christian Nodal They had finished and broken their engagement, the singer’s mother-in-law balconies and they reappear together and very much in love.

It was through a video that the beautiful mother of Christian Nodal, Cristy Nodal, where they appear at a family dinner in a restaurant, and, although at first it was not appreciated that Belinda was there, in a movement of the camera it was possible to see in a corner of the table, next to her fiancé, the interpreter of Goodbye Love.

At dinner, apparently at a restaurant in Las Vegas, where the singer from Bottle after Bottle, will offer a show this September 14 in Laredo. Nodal’s family and part of his trusted team celebrated Rulo’s 5 years with them, a trusted worker to whom they dedicated a toast and some emotional words for Jaime Gonzalez, father of the singer.

While Belinda’s father-in-law spoke, Cristy made a tour of the table and each of those who were sitting there, until, finally, he reached the former coach of Mexico’s voice, who looked stunning in an elegant tight black dress, and her hair down and wavy.

Although the interpreter of Angel, Silly Girl Nice and MamacitaHe did not even realize that they had recorded it, because at that moment he was checking his cell phone with a drink in front of him, surely the fans are happier than ever with this meeting.

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And it is that, a few weeks ago, after having celebrated the birthday of Belinda in a romantic evening, and later having traveled to Disneyland, the singer’s favorite destination, where they had a great time and showed how in love they are, the next day the Instagram of Christian Nodal It woke up empty, with only one image, while the photos of Beli were gone, which sparked the rumor of a breakup.

And although the fans of the interpreter of Tell me how you want They explained over and over again that it was only a custom that the singer has when he is going to release something new and very important, such as an album, the rumor became bigger where it was taken for granted that the relationship of little more than a year of the couple, it was over.

And it is that, to this it was added that Belinda He also deleted some images from his Instagram account, and in addition to everything, there was a resounding silence on both sides, where they had not even made use of their networks, which seemed suspicious.

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However, the fans and other public of Nodeli can rest, because the mother-in-law of the actress Sidekicks to the rescue and soon the Netflix series Welcome to Eden, showed that they are still more together and in love than ever.

In fact, an image of Christian Nodal and Belinda arriving at the Las Vegas airport, and walking hugging the runway.

This comes days after it was speculated that the happy couple had already married in secret, because in one of Nodal’s presentations, the singer is able to see a ring, which looks like a marriage.

Belinda and Christian Nodal reappear together and very much in love; their mother-in-law balconies them. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

And although this has not been confirmed or denied by the couple, the truth is that the fans and the general public of both the 31-year-old pop singer and the Mexican regional singer are more than happy and relieved with this, hoping that soon break news about your relationship.

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