Because Vrenezi hits late: Türkgücü wins against Duisburg

In a game that took place at eye level for 90 minutes, Türkgücü Munich prevailed 1-0 against MSV Duisburg. Vrenezi scored the goal of the day after a great pass only in the closing stages.

At the very back you can see his forelock: Albion Vrenezi scored the goal of the day for Türkgücü.

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Türkgücü coach Petr Ruman relied on three new players in the starting line-up compared to the 3-0 defeat against Mannheim. Sorge, Tosun and Knöll started for Kusic, Gorzel and Hottmann (all bank).

MSV coach Pavel Dotchev relied on the tried and tested after the 2-0 win against the Würzburger Kickers, he trusted the same team.

With two defeats in their luggage, the Munich team’s backpack weighed quite a bit before the game, the Ruman-Elf was under a bit of pressure and didn’t want to lose touch with the top. Both teams had nine points before the match.

The first half was accordingly balanced: Türkgücü tried it a little more playfully, the zebras also sprinkled one or the other high ball. The guests then also had the first chance, after Bakalorz had refueled and Ademi had let through, Stoppelkamp’s shot from close range got stuck on the arm of Kuhn and finally keeper Vollath (12th).

Bakalorz in luck – Vrenezi dangerous before the break whistle

It was one of the few football highlights in the first section, otherwise it was sometimes heated. Birthday boy Bakalorz could have seen the traffic light card early on (29th), and referee Franz Bokop yellowed four times. On the part of Munich, Vrenezi had the best opportunity immediately before the break whistle, but Weinkauf defused (45th + 1).

Ruman brought Sliskovic for Knöll at the break, but MSV had their first big chance again: Just 30 seconds were played, Mavraj slipped away and opened up the chance for Bakir, who passed Vollath but only hit the outside netting from a tight angle ( 46.). On both sides there was more speed in the offensive game, Mavraj headed a cross from Türpitz just off the post (59th).

Still only a few chances – Türkgücü mercilessly efficient

However, more speed does not necessarily mean more precision. Duisburg was the more active team until the final phase, but there were no more than a few half-chances. And in this final phase the hosts suddenly had the better end for themselves: Römling had an eye for the starting Vrenezi, who gave him no chance before buying wine and scored his fourth goal of the season (81st).

It was the somewhat surprising end to a game that actually resulted in a goalless draw. With that, Türkgücü got a three-pointer again after two previous defeats, while MSV had to accept their fourth bankruptcy in the fifth away game and look down again.

Goals and cards

Vrenezi (81 ‘, Römling)

Türkgücü Munich


MSV Duisburg


Referee team
Franz Bokop

Franz Bokop

Game info


Stadium on Grünwalder Strasse

The people of Munich have to play away in Saarbrücken on Saturday at 2 p.m. The MSV receives Braunschweig at the same time.

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