Because of the double role: complaint against DEB President Franz Reindl

HEndrik Ansink, chairman of the Hessian Ice Hockey Association, has filed a criminal complaint against Franz Reindl, President of the German Ice Hockey Association (DEB), with the Munich public prosecutor’s office. It’s about “issues of proper asset management,” wrote Ansink in an email that the FAZ has received.

The background is the dispute between some state associations and the DEB over the years of Reindl’s dual role as honorary association president and paid managing director of a DEB subsidiary – DEB and GmbH were both commercially connected with the marketing agency Infront.

In the fall, the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) called for clarification. But according to the opposition in the DEB, questions were not answered comprehensively. The investigation commissioned by the DEB from an agency is also not enough for the critics.

Ansink recently demanded the release of data and documents and issued an ultimatum until January 11th. Because nothing happened, he has now filed a complaint. The DEB speaks of a “constructed accusation”.

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