Bars from Nueva Chicago organized a wake inside the club


The New Chicago bars staged serious incidents.

The next day, in a new sign of impunity with which they handle, a large group of barrabravas from New Chicago He entered the club to set up the wake of a fan, without respecting the restrictions due to the pandemic.

The released images show that in the midst of threatening chants and requests for t-shirts, the fans carried on litters the coffin of a fan entering the stadium.

The wake at Mataderos

The bars sang songs like “Tomorrow we will remove your boots and shirts, the day after tomorrow the cars and your head”.

The fact is being investigated through the csecurity cameras from the street of entry to the club to see how they did to enter.

The internal climate of New Chicago is hot and the situation worsens with the bad campaign of the team that is last in Zone A of the First National, with only 3 wins, 6 draws and no less than 14 losses.

El Torito de Mataderos has 15 points and the next Friday he will receive Gymnastics and Fencing.

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