Barrio Hospital crowned in pairs and is the 2021 champion

Barrio Hospital beat La Armonía by 15 to 11 and was crowned champion of the Official Couples tournament 2021, a contest organized by the Bahiense Bocce Association.

The pair made up of Daniel Vitozzi and Danilo Delfín Escobar -with Marcelo Osores as a substitute- defeated Juan Carlos “Pochi” Gómez and Dardo Labastié, in the decisive match of the home run championship.

In 12 hands of play, the homeowner appealed to the experience in the final stretch, after mutually exchanging the score and playing an attractive game with a good crowd.

Barrio recovered the scepter he had won in 2016 -in 2018 and 19 was for July 9- and is the first post-pandemic champion, given that this tournament had started in March 2020 and was interrupted twice.

La Armonía, which conquered its last couples tournament in 2012 (Inca Heil-Juan Carlos Hutchinson and Santiago Grill) was left with the runner-up, while in third place it finished July 9 and fourth place went to Almafuerte.

Escobar thus achieved his first title since he arrived at the club -he came from Tiro Federal-, while Vitozzi continues to reap joys, given that Barrio Hospital is the last champion of triplets (2019) and will soon have to defend the title.

The party was led by Alejandro Pons, from Punta del Este.

The progression of the match, which had the live broadcast of Diego López and “Bocce Time”, was: Barrio Hospital 0-3, 2-3, 4-3, 4-6, 5-6, 8-6, 8-7, 8-9, 8-11, 10-11, 12-11 and 15 -eleven.

On Wednesday, for its part, on the Talleres court, the final homer will start to determine the champion of pairs of the division B.

The awarding of the cup to the champion of the season was in charge of Rodrigo Catini, president of ABB.

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