Bariloche: the doors were opened to an ambulance and a patient was lost

An unusual event occurred this Wednesday in the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, in Río Negro, when an ambulance lost its patient, when the doors of the vehicle were accidentally opened, and only half a block away, the nurses noticed what was happening thanks to the screams from neighbors and a motorist.

“When it fell, they did not realize what happened,” said a witness, adding: “The stretcher was literally going to slam into another car.”

According to local media, in the Onelli and Sobral area, the doors of an ambulance were opened and from inside, unnoticed by the ambulances themselves, a patient fell.

“The doors were opened to the ambulance. In the back, only the patient was on the stretcher and the lady. Exactly in Sobral and Onelli, when they turned in the direction of Elordi, it was where they lost the patient. They fell with a stretcher and everything in the street, “said Nicolás, a witness, to a local radio station.

In the man’s words, the nurses did not notice that the patient was missing, but it was the gaze of the neighbors and the warning of a motorist, who had to stop in front of a stretcher, which caused the braking and the setback.

“They acted fast. The nurses immediately loaded him up and left. There were a lot of people around, ”said the witness. and noted: “When the patient fell, they did not realize what happened. They made more than half a block and there they realized it due to the large number of people who gathered. Also, a man stopped in the middle of the street. He braked the car and ran off. The stretcher was literally going to slam into another car. “

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