Balenciaga is criticized for "racism" and "cultural appropriation" in the nets for some pants

Balenciaga has launched a pair of sweatpants that are sewn into briefs that protrude from the waist, and the networks have not been slow to react and criticizing the fashion house for “racist” and for “cultural appropriation for profit.”

A buyer posted on TikTok a viral video of the $ 1,190 pants hanging on a store shelf. In the video you can hear one person say, “This is very racist, Balenciaga.”

And is that the style to use sagging pants and show top of briefs It was popularized decades ago by black hip hop culture in the US and has been used as an excuse to criminalize black men as a security danger.

In fact, it has been prohibited by law in several cities in the country, such as Shreveport (Louisiana), which led to the death of Anthony Childs, a 31-year-old black man who in 2019 was shot by a police officer who tried to arrest him for violate the ban.

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“This really pisses me off,” tweeted one user in response to the video of Balenciaga’s pants. “You know how many black men have been vilified, discriminated against and killed for this only to have it now marketed as haute couture?”


You know when something feels racist @sxbwxyy  I have questions #fyp

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“Balenciaga is making money without blacks getting paid,” wrote another user, bringing up the fact that the haute couture industry is overwhelmingly dominated by designers, white models and photographers, indicates RT.

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