Bahía will host a new international congress on productive issues

A new international congress will develop the National University of the South next Monday, in which it will discuss and place special emphasis on the need to implement pivot irrigation to improve agricultural production in the fields of the area.

This II International Pivot Irrigation Congress, a kind of continuity of the one developed two years ago and which had more than 300 participants, will have about twenty online presentations, with videos hosted on a page, which can be seen during the meeting.
In addition, once the day is over, a link will be sent to each participant to consult them later.

Participation in the congress (which can be accessed completing this form) is free. It will start at 8.30 on Monday and will run until 18 on that day. Although the presentations will be recorded, consultations may be made to the speakers, each of which will be answered by email.

The theme of the congress will be about the current situation of irrigation in the region and the possibility of using pivot irrigation, taking advantage of groundwater to irrigate crops and improve yields.

“It is intended for producers and irrigation technicians. The group of talks is very wide, with specific questions in which they will talk about sprinklers or perforations, and technologies that are applied ”, exemplified Dr. Martín Espósito, head of the Department of Hydrology and Irrigation, of the Department of Agronomy of the UNS .

To this will be added the exhibitions of alumni who are working with central pivot irrigation, and there will be space for world news on the subject, with speakers from different parts of the planet.

Those interested in participating or those who need more information, can contact the emails [email protected] and [email protected]

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