"Bad application of anticovid regulations": Chinese authorities close hospitals for refusing patients

Xi’an of 13 million people, known worldwide for its terracotta army, is one of the few cities in China currently affected by small outbreaks of Covid-19.

Chinese authorities two hospitals closed on Thursday from the city of Xi’an (north), whose population is confined from December 23.

This for “rectify”Errors in the application of anticovid rules after the abortion of a womanwho was denied access to an emergency service.

In early January, the hospital de Gaoxin denied entry for two hours to a eight months pregnant woman.

In the instance it was alleged that the negative covid test had Exceeded the validity limit of 48 hours.

One photo showed the woman sitting on a bench surrounded by a pool of blood.

The director of the Xi’an Department of Health he publicly apologized. Previously, the city government announced the dismissal of the director of the hospital and the “Relevant officials”.

In another incident, a resident claimed that her father had died of a heart attack after being rejected “Due to regulations related to the pandemic.”

Decision of Chinese authorities

The two hospitals involved have been reprimanded and must “Suspend operations for three months to rectify.”

This was how the municipal health department announced this Thursday in a statement.

Gaoxin Hospital was ordered to suspend its CEO and fire several employees, It indicated.

After this, the second hospital will fire the president, suspend the deputy chief, and dismiss the head of nursing of the external consultation service.

The people of Xi’an have complained about the lack of food, which they say It is due to the chaotic organization.

On the other hand, it was indicated that the outbreak decreased considerably in recent days, registering only nine cases on Thursday.

It should also be noted that since December 9, the city of Xi’an registered about 2,000 cases of covid-19.

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