Azealia Banks swears at Kanye West and says Doja Cat makes music better than him these days

Azealia Banks says she turned down Kanye West’s requests to collaborate with her, stating she thinks Doja Cat is making better music than he is

Azealia Banks states that it has turned down two requests to collaborate with Kanye West this week, telling her followers what she really thinks about the artist. Previously, Azealia used Kanye’s image to promote her 2021 single “F*ck Him All Night”. She apparently had a crush on the music legend, but she’s since changed that stance, insulting Ye in her latest Facebook posts. Instagram.

“I just turned down a request for collaboration from Kanye twice in one week,” Azealia said on Instagram. “He’s like officially useless trash on his own,” she said of the artist, who has recently worked with The Game, Antonio Brown, MoneyBagg Yo and others. “If he can stop being corny and make it up to Jay for Watch The Throne 2 (which he probably won’t do, Jay wouldn’t do that shit to this dirty head) I *might* consider… I’m more Doja Cat than Kanye at this time. She’s making music better than he is.”

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This stance is surprising Azealia, who said earlier that Doja Cat “makes music for ten-year-olds”. She also went viral for her body-shaming comments directed at Doja, calling the rapper “fat” and cyberbullying incessantly. “I’m actually a bonafide star,” Banks wrote, “Doja makes music for ten-year-olds and it’s very derivative.”

“Beautiful girl, but your attempts at witty flows reloaded from the Roman east coast are pitiful and not fun at all. And yes, she looked terrible before she lost weight. Azealia and Doja are miles more culturally important than any of these dumb white socialites,” he said.

Check out the screenshot below Instagram:

Screenshot via @azealiabanks on Instagram

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