Autumn: what experts say about the personality of those who love autumn days

Have you ever felt that winter days make you nostalgic, but there are other people who love them, there are those who prefer sunny days, but other people do not like them. All people have their favorite season, this choice has to do with characteristic traits of their personality, according to iProfessional psychology experts.

Studies have found that seasonal changes in temperature and light can have an impact on our mood. and behavior. A recent research affirms that the moment of the year in which we are born will affect our personality, obviously there are variables, such as family and how they teach us to face problems.

Ask if you are one of those people who love spring, flowering trees, sunny days and mild temperatures. Others prefer long, hot summer days and then eThere are those who find a poetic charm in the fall or in the comforting cold of winter. And it is that all human beings have a favorite season, sometimes influenced by our birth month or by our childhood memories.

People born in the spring and summer months had excessively positive temperaments and they were more likely to experience rapid mood swings. People who were born in the winter months, on the other hand, were less likely to have irritable tempers, according to Safe News.

Romantic and sensitive are people with autumn personality

If you love fall

The autumn equinox, enters this September 22, that is, in 7 days, the days and nights are balanced. Fall has vibrant orange, brown and red colors with cooler weather. Leaves fall, people who have a calm, romantic and creative personality.

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They are the people who love peace and romance. This is a season where nature takes a break. In this way, his fans love moments of peace and harmony. Autumn evokes deep reflections, making them very introspective and sensitive to the world. Creativity and optimism are undoubtedly other of its main characteristics, iProfesional details.

However, their state of mind is a roller coaster of emotions full of changes, since they tend to reflect and introspection. They give off serenity and you are always looking for peace in your life.

Winter personality

Winter as their preferred season they prefer solitude and tranquility. Home is his favorite place, and if it is with blankets, food and a good movie, much better. Your happiness passes through peace, where you don’t need parties or a lot of fun.

If you love spring

Spring is when short, dark winter days give way to warmer temperatures, landscapes turn greener, and flowers reappear. If you like this station, you are an original person, always looking for new experiences. You are loving and need special attention from your loved ones.

You love summer

You feel in your element when the days get longer, warmer and brighter. If you have love this season, summer people. Just like summer you are a whirlwind of energy, you cannot stop for a single moment. You love getting out of your comfort zone, moving around, traveling, people watching, enjoying the outdoors. More outgoing than introverted. You are jovial, optimistic and pleasant, but you lose your cool a lot.

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People who love spring are outgoing.

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