Autumn: patterns that cannot be missed this year

In the fashion world, the prints they are indispensable to give our everyday outfits some variety. The fall-winter 2021 It is no exception in this fashion rule and the trends that are coming can give our looks a lot of originality and elegance. Although the prints that will be in fashion next season and we have seen them before, it is worth reviewing.

The classic prints, those who have accompanied us for many years now, they will be back during the next fall to be the protagonists with us that we are going to wear them. It is very sure that you already have one of these designs, but if you still do not do it, it would be better to give yourself the task of looking for them.

In addition, a season change It is always a good opportunity to acquire new fashion pieces, the most valuable and useful for the coming years, because now more than ever we are being bombarded with timeless garments that can last us for a long time, such as fall prints that we present below.

In addition, a woman with intelligence and her own style will always be able to reinvent the way in which the same garment in her wardrobe looks. It is also valid to do an exhaustive search to find some more innovative versions of the classic prints as to colors, shapes and cuts.

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Crow’s foot

The favorite of many, the houndstooth print It is back for our free use in Fall 2021, proving it will never go out of style. Its design is very sophisticated, especially in its more traditional version, in black and white. But the advantage of the fashion revolution is that today we can find this print in brighter and more varied colors. For the office or a casual day, it is already a very versatile style.


a print that triumphed a lot during the summer, came to stay also during the second half of the year, it is the zebra. For this reason, garments with this animal design are capable of offering the most revolutionary autumn outfits. In this season that comes, stuffed animals are also very present, which are a good option to wear.

Scottish squares

As if we were going back to school, the Scottish plaid print it is again a fall trend very strong this year. We cannot miss a nice warm skirt or a colorful coat that takes us to another continent and fills us with style. In addition, this print is one of the most combinable with any other type of fabric, such as denim and jeans.


At fall-winter 2021, the snake print you will be able to give the best outfits with a rebellious and rocker spirit. It does not matter if it is worn on dresses, jackets, jackets, coats or accessories such as shoes and bags, if it is combined with other elements in black or beige, it will look great.

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The prints florales they will not be forgotten last spring and summer. There are autumn prints with discreet and small flowers, regardless of whether they are the most striking and warm colors. One way to get inspired at this point is to go back to those eighties trends, with earthy and neutral colors.

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