Authorities meet in Lerdo with carriers, but without results

Carriers from the Mexican Alliance for the Organization of Carriers AC (AMOTAC) and Lerdo authorities met this Monday in the lobby of the Hermila Galindo theater to give continuity to the agreements by which they agreed on September 8 to remove the blockade in the main roads. The meeting did not add anything new or conclusive.

At the beginning, the meeting did not have all the competent areas, because for the same, although the titular officials of the Technical Secretariat, Public Security, Legal Directorate and Citizen Attention participated, the participation of the Highway Commission or the Directorate of Traffic being a matter that concerns both because the complaint of the drivers is against acts of corruption or abuse that the municipal transits have committed with the support of the police. “I found out by chance and that’s why it was but no one from the Municipality invited me,” said Councilor Ángel Luna, president of the Highway Commission.

On the part of the transporters there was a commission of drivers, among them the one who was handcuffed and beaten by elements of the Police and Traffic. There was also state and local representation of AMOTAC.

In this meeting, it was asked to analyze requests from carriers, modifications to the Traffic regulations, specifically the entry and exit times of heavy units as well as loading and unloading. They did not conclude anything in this area.

The carriers had also previously requested the City Council for the legal justification of why the transits deal with a federal highway such as the peripheral (since they say the elements take the opportunity to stop them and ask them for “bites” or “fees” that promote corruption in the corporation. ) and before this, the City Council had stated that there is a document of the Special Command where the power to monitor this federal highway was granted to transits, which is why the carriers wanted to see the document in question.

The municipal authorities not only did not prepare for this meeting with the document but also delayed the transporters because the Legal Directorate of the City Council unnecessarily asked them to make the request in writing, further lengthening the process when the authorities can show said document without problem and without so many bureaucratic procedures.

“The agreement that they had made with the mayor is that said document was going to be delivered at this meeting but now the Legal Directorate requested that this document be requested in writing,” said Councilor Ángel Luna.

The councilor also reported that the elements that acted improperly against the driver were suspended as a precautionary measure but have not been terminated because they are still subject to an investigation process by the Comptroller’s Office: “During the duration of the investigation and that if they are not sanctioned, they have to be reimbursed the salary they did not receive and if they turn out to be responsible they will apply the sanctions and not only the dismissal but it is also possible that there will be a disqualification, “said Luna. However, according to the carriers, there are videos that prove the attacks, which is why they do not explain why the authorities take so long to determine responsibility for the bad elements.

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