Authorities locate 10 bodies at home in Zacatecas

This Tuesday 10 bodies were located inside a home in a community in the capital, in addition, a confrontation between antagonistic groups of organized crime in the mountainous area of ​​the municipality of Valparaíso was confirmed.

In the first case, the State Attorney General’s Office specified that in the search that was carried out in a home in the community of Machines, in the municipality of Zacatecas, the bodies of seven men and three women were found, whose expert proceedings and Research is still under development to find out the identity and cause of death.

Arturo López Bazán, Secretary of Public Security, reported that the discovery of the bodies was achieved due to a citizen complaint that was received in the intelligence areas of this institution, which warned about the possibility that there were people in that place. without life, so the corresponding investigation procedures were carried out to locate the place and after the information obtained, the legal process was achieved to carry out the search.

Regarding the confrontation registered in the municipality of Valparaíso, the state authorities have not reported precisely on the events, for now, the Ministry of Public Security confirms that this event did occur, but the balance that this left is unknown, since the The place is in a mountainous area and the proceedings are underway, in addition to a security deployment underway with elements of the state forces, the National Guard, and the Mexican Army.

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