Auction | Original Spider-Man page sold for 3.36 million

(Los Angeles) An original page of a comic strip featuring Spider-Man in 1984 in the series of Secret wars hit the all-time high of $ 3.36 million at an auction Thursday in the United States, making him the most powerful superhero ever to be auctioned.

In this board of three boxes made by Mike Zeck and taken from number 8 of the Secret wars, a series published by Marvel Comics in 1984-85, the superhero dons for the first time the black costume which will prove to be a symbiote (alien parasite) and will give birth to Venom, a formidable “supervillain”.

“This page was the big revelation on the cover! This is where Peter Parker (the heroic teenager hiding under the mask of the spider-man, Editor’s note) really got his new chic black suit, ”explains auction house Heritage Auctions in describing page 25 of publishing.

“It’s a costume with a secret!” Because he quickly turns out to be alive and has his own agenda. This is the origin of the character of Venom! “, she adds.

The work was initially offered for $ 330,000.

The previous record for an original page of an American comic dates back to 2014 when a page showing the first appearance of Wolverine for an issue of The Incredible Hulk dating from 1974 had sold for 657,250 dollars.

During its four-day auction in Dallas, Heritage Auctions reports that a copy of the famous first issue of Action Comics in 1938, with the first appearance of Superman, sold for $ 3.18 million. Two other copies have in the past fetched higher prices in auctions, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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