Attitudes to avoid when your children express fear

Parents must be very clear that no fear can be left adrift, that is why in this chance I will talk to you about some wrong attitudes that you have to avoid when your children express fear. Remember that you are their main company when they are little.

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Don’t ignore them

When they are children it is important not to ignore them and think that they alone will manage to get out of that situation, since your child will feel very fragile when it comes to facing them and surely you will not know what to do, in addition to the fact that the lack of affection will cause you more stress than you are going through.

Don’t leave it alone

The accompaniment of parents It is essential for children to develop in a healthy way, that is why you should be with them when they decide to face their fears, please do not think of the great idea of ​​forcing them to do something they do not want.

Don’t make fun of them

Ridiculing him will only cause him to lose confidence in you, nobody likes to feel exposed and vulnerable, plus he will adopt an attitude insecure in certain situations. Don’t cause your children to avoid you for fear of being judged for talking about what is tormenting them.

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Do not transmit fear to your children

It is proven that fears can also be learned, that is why you should let them explore and treat situations calmly, this means avoiding at all costs to do drama of what he is afraid of. It is important that you learn to control your emotions in front of them.

Do not say absurd phrases

As absurd phrases are included, “You are a coward”, “Again to scream”, “Nothing happens”, “Your fear is nonsense”, to name a few. All these phrases invalidate the emotions of your children, because you may be feeding low self-esteem and insecurity.

What you should do

Putting yourself in the place of your child will make you understand how much he is suffering from that fear, this is the ideal time to offer support and understanding, this is vital for him to decide to face it and to work On it. You will see that adopting this attitude will keep him calmer.

This is a simple but very specific guide on how to be a backup during the stage most important of your children, which will define the adult who will be in the future, so do not leave the process of their emotional development to laziness, it is sometimes more important than the physical one.

Attitudes that you should avoid when your children express fear. Photo: pexels

Most of these attitudes have surely been applied to your children, but now that you are aware of how harmful they are, I invite you to give your children a twist. Actions, be more understanding and a company that helps your child grow up healthy and happy.

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