Attempted murder at Rogier station this Friday evening: a person was pushed onto the tracks

The spokesperson for Stib An Van hamme confirms that a person was found on the tracks, but that she was able to be brought up to the platform quickly. The Brussels public prosecutor’s office is not yet in a position to communicate on this case. “The driver braked when he saw the person on the tracks and stopped in time,” said An Van hamme. “The driver reacted very well, but he is still in shock and the person too”. The victim would not a priori be injured, but this remains to be confirmed.

According to the information communicated to Belga, the author, a young man a priori an adult, pushed the woman in the back while a metro was approaching. He then ran away. The subway driver made an emergency brake. He did not hit the victim. Passengers then descended on the tracks to reassemble it on the platform.

Metro traffic was interrupted between Elisabeth and Arts-Lois stations until 8:15 p.m.

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