Attack and threats against a Mapuche leader in Bahía Blanca

The Mapuche leader from Bahía Blanca, Olga Curipan, received death threats on Thursday through pamphlets that were thrown at the Mapuche Cultural House “Ruka Kimun Mapuche”, located in Alberdi 198, a fact that would be linked to an attack with a Molotov cocktail. of which he was a victim about 10 days ago.

“Here there was a specific intention to damage my home and today at the headquarters of the community that houses students and people live,” said Curipan in communication with the editorial staff of The Compass 24.

He explained that this Thursday “they threw a significant amount of pamphlets in which they threaten me with death and also threaten different social movements that want to make disappear, an action that is being repudiated by different groups.”

In the pamphlets phrases such as “Death to the Mapuches”, “Outside Bahía Blanca” and “Outside Argentina” are read. All this accompanied by the image of Curipan and a revolver pointed at it.

The messages are signed by a group that calls itself the “National Restoration Command” and threatens to “initiate actions against the enemies of the homeland”, for which they claim to have drawn up “a list of inept, political, journalism, justice and trade unionism, which have been responsible for the moral catastrophe of our nation ”.

“They have humiliated the Christian faith, breaking the foundations of the family and they will pay for it. Neither feminists, nor sexists, nor LGBT community, nor subversive Mapuche, nor abortionists nor criminals! -Family as God intended! ”, Says the pamphlet.

Curipan added that “here we are absolutely shocked as a community and waiting for the justice to respond (…)” Regarding the investigations, he assured that “there are special responsibilities of the local municipality that has omitted the rights of the Mapuche people and in particular of the media that permanently They are harassing and inciting violence against the Mapuche people and any vulnerable group. It is tremendous to go back to 40 years ago when people who thought differently were persecuted ”.

He also affirmed that he hopes that actions will be taken against those responsible for these types of events before something more serious happens and he rejected that these types of situations occur while in a democracy.

For his part, Commissioner Matías Darnet, from the Seventh Police Station, reported that they are carrying out an investigation to find the identity of those who attacked the Curipan house and those who launched the pamphlets today. To do this, the footage from nearby security cameras is being analyzed.

Repudiation of the different political spaces

The different political spaces of the city expressed their support for Curipan and the Mapuche people for the attacks and threats.

On Twitter, the block of the Frente de Todos expressed their “repudiation and concern” and asked “speedy justice to prevent another act of this nature from going unpunished in the city.”

For his part, Mayor Héctor Gay, who is on leave, also condemned the attack and “expressed a strong repudiation of the attack and the threats against a Mapuche leader in our city.”

“Violence is never the way. Dialogue is the only possible option to resolve any difference in defense of social peace, “he said in a statement issued by his office.

He also assured that the Municipality has maintained contact with Olga Curipan and maintained that “the repudiation must be unanimous and the Justice must act quickly to clarify what happened.”

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