At 70 years old and by the sea, that’s how beautiful Enrique Iglesias’s mother is

One of the most popular and beautiful women in Spanish high society is nothing less than Maria Isabel Preysler Dragging that from a very young age began to surprise everyone with her beauty. So much so that in his teens, at the beginning of the ’70s, he met the singer Julio Iglesias with whom she was married for almost a decade.

For his part, this love story began when Isabel preysler moved to Madrid to continue their studies. Once settled in the beautiful Spanish capital, he began to attend important parties of Madrid’s high society. It was right in one of them when he met the singer of the song “Fresh water, salt water”.

After meeting at the aforementioned event organized by Thomas Terry Merello They began to have a formal relationship, so much so that the beautiful brunette left her International Secretariat studies to be next to her beloved. Later, on January 29, 1971, they were married in the Illescas church, province of Toledo. Clearly her wedding dress captured all eyes as she looked like a true angel.

In addition, to the surprise of many, the day that the eyes of God said yes before, Isabel I was pregnant and due to the situation of Spain at that time he went to Portugal to have her first daughter named Chábeli who came to this world on September 3, 1971. Then two years later she had her second child, whom she called Julius jose. While the third child she had with Julio Iglesias was born on May 8, 1975 and was called Enrique Miguel, known worldwide as Enrique Iglesias.

Currently, with 70 years of age the image of Isabel It is practically perfect since every time she appears before the public, she captures everyone’s gaze by looking so good. This time it was not the exception, since she recently shared a photo of her by the sea in her personal profiles that confirmed her great figure so it captivated everyone.


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