Asked to have a photo fix and it became a meme

Humor in networks

It happened on Twitter when a user asked someone to delete the people who were in the background of her photo, it became viral and also a meme.

A young woman asked on Twitter that someone remove the people in the background of her photo to better show off her look from an outing. Twitter users did not hesitate to take everything with humor and turn it into a meme, placing it in different places and with different elements that seek to make people laugh.

She is Laura Strumia, a Cordovan student of International Trade and in the photos she published she can be seen almost full-length, with artistic makeup with stones that complete a party look characteristic of recitals.

One of the most praised, which in fact got more than 3,000 “likes” was from the user @toteano who assured him: “There I took people out and left the bottom empty, I hope it helps you.” The funny thing was he decided to cut out the girl and superimpose her on a photograph of a piece of meat, more precisely, from “empty”.

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