As Typhoon Chanthu arrives in Shanghai, authorities cancel flights and evacuate residents

SHANGHÁI, China.- Before the arrival of the typhoon chanthu a Shanghai, the authorities reported on the cancellation of hundreds of flights, as well as the evacuation of thousands of people as a result of the strong winds and rains that are expected to arrive today in the Chinese city.

According to CCTV, at least 28 thousand people who live in risky neighborhoods, were transferred to different shelters while the storm is expected to make landfall tonight.

On the other hand, landings and takeoffs in the Pudong and Hongqiao airports, located in Shanghai, were canceled this afternoon, according to the site Flightradar24.

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Shanghai on orange alert for Typhoon Chanthu

The Center for Environmental Forecasts of the National Navy declared that during this morning Chanthu presented waves of up to eight meters in height, while its core approached the coast of Shanghai.

After the appearance of Chanthu enter here guam island and the Philippine archipelago During the past week, the meteorological phenomenon went from Tropical depression a super certificate with winds up to 257 kilometers per hour.

However, and despite the fact that during the weekend the storm was calmer, the Shanghai authorities they decided to keep the typhoon alert orange, which shows a second level of alarm, which is why residents were asked not to carry out outdoor activities or large-scale meetings.

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Scientists have warned that in recent years typhoons have gotten more violent and they are getting stronger faster due to global warming.

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