Arrest in Dorrego after an anti-drug operation in Monte Hermoso

As a by-product of a police operation that allowed the kidnapping of drugs on the public highway in Monte Hermoso, in mid-2019, a new arrest took place in the last hours.

This is Maximiliano Borgett, who was arrested in Coronel Dorrego, by order of the judge of Guarantees from Bahia Guillermo Mércuri and at the request of the prosecutor Mauricio del Cero, who is carrying out the investigation of the case.

In July of that year, in the middle of a routine tour of Lucina Sutton Street at 600 Monte Hermoso, police officers observed a man who, along with two others, threw a package and began to insult the officers.

When making a superficial search of the people, it was determined that one of them -Borgett- had marijuana and cocaine among his clothes and a cell phone was kidnapped.

The analysis of the telephone revealed conversations that reported the commercialization of narcotics by Agustín Crededio, whom the DDI of Bahía Blanca arrested a few days ago.

On the other hand, it was established that Borgett would also dedicate himself to marketing – this year another telephone intervention was added – and his arrest was finally ordered.

“It was proven that he commercialized marijuana, cocaine and LSD in the towns of Monte Hermoso, Dorrego and Bahía Blanca,” they reported from the prosecution.

Crededio decided not to testify at the time, while Borgett will be investigated in the next few hours by the prosecutor Del Cero.

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