Apple wants AirPods to measure temperature and improve hearing

In the future, Apple’s AirPods could be used for more than just listening to music or having conversations on the phone, as the company would be studying new functions focused on the field of health.

In a report, The Wall Street Journal says he has seen internal Apple documents that talk about using AirPods as a system to improve hearing. But in addition to that, that the hearing aids could record the user’s posture and even measure their body temperature.

Also, those who are aware of Apple’s plans say that these functions are still under study and that there is no estimated release date; they may never even be launched.

However, that Apple wants to use the AirPods as a health device makes sense, especially if you take into account that many people use them as a complement to the Apple Watch. The Apple watch is capable of monitoring sleep or measuring oxygen in the blood, as well as having an electrocardiogram sensor and even a system to record the menstrual cycle.

Recently, other plans by the Cupertino company have become known in the same area. One of them has to do with the development of a technology that would allow detecting mental health problems on the iPhone through the use of the phone’s cameras.

And a more ambitious idea is in the development of its own medical center, whose technology is linked to the precision in the measurements of its devices. These plans date from 2016, but then they had to be put aside because five years ago the records that were obtained apparently were not as accurate as Apple would have liked.

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