Another week of recreation programmed by the Córdoba Culture Agency

Also in the holiday season there is an interesting grid of activities to participate in a virtual or face-to-face way. Accompanying local artists here we detail what we can see …

Tuesday January 11

At 21. Musicians producing: brief meeting with Pilar Odone

Pilar Oddone is a singer, actress, teacher and researcher of the human voice. Her artistic approach can be defined as that of a “cantatrice” (a mix between singer and actress). In this video he tells about his different works, projects and about his first album: Aparecida. A selection of 9 versions with notable distinction of each work that was co-produced by Raúl Pandolfi and Pampi Torre. IG: @pilaroddone / FB: Pilar Oddone. You can follow CulturaCBA on Youtube

Wednesday 12

At 21. Virtual visit to the exhibition of Sara fernandez

The Museum of Women presents in each chapter part of the exhibition Summary of a dream to which nine artists who occupied the nine rooms of the museum were invited to participate. Apacheta is the sample of ceramics and objects installed by Sara Fernández. With the idea of ​​Apacheta, a mound of stones placed in a conical shape one on top of the other, as an offering made by the original peoples of the Andes, Sara distributes her hermaphrodite and multispecies characters. It camouflages and divides them, juxtaposes to the fragility of the material the intersection of emotion and memory. It brings them together in a feast of amorphous, pagan entities in a trance celebration. You can follow CulturaCBA on Youtube

Thursday 13

At 21. Cordovan Comedy: Duel Embracing US

In a time when hugging is a risk, three sisters meet in the environment of childhood where they were happy. The older sister is absent but her memory underlies inviting them to solve a riddle that has been waiting to be developed for thirty-five years. The truth emerges and prevails, tides and cracks the certainties, opening the possibility of a fraternal embrace. You can follow CulturaCBA on Youtube

At 9:30 p.m. Nardo Escanilla presents the Buenardo Experience – Córdoba Cultural Center – Av. Poet Lugones 401

Nardo Escanilla presents a new alternative of humor to enjoy, the Buenardo experience, betting on a very Cordovan summer season, after a year of high radio, television and network participation. It maintains its excellent level of improvisation fused with the stand-up format. Each performance will be a journey to the everyday, the absurd, the past or future, the strange or known, where each person can identify and enjoy it, living a great experience with special guests. Allowing yourself to laugh at yourself or see your own experiences or others in a funny way, will be the mainstay in each function. Entry 1500 pesos through the site Repeat on Friday the 14th at 9:30 p.m.

Friday 14

At 21. Culture in the Patio: Nomadic soul

Alma Nómade in concert proposes a tour of its own songs inspired by popular Afro-Latin American music. It is a sound journey that invites you to explore the landscapes that gave life to the compositions. Josefina Di Bert accompanied by Ailin Ontivero and Pamela Merchán interpret huaynos, chacareras, candombes, boleros and much more that sneaks through the instruments lighting up the atmosphere. IG: @almanomademusica / FB: Alma Nomade Music / YouTube: Alma Nomade. You can follow CulturaCBA on Youtube

At 9:30 p.m. Cordoba comedy: There were 5 siblings and she was not very holy – Teatro Real – Sala Carlos Giménez – San Jerónimo 66

Between the characteristic quartet and the current one, between classical instruments (double bass, piano, violin and accordion) and contemporary sounds (electric guitars, keyboards, congas, trumpets, trombones and drums), between new and legendary musical themes, there is form this operetta with a Cordovan accent. This version is the result of a process of musical, happy, festive and group work. The actors explored in the “saying cuartetero” a new mode of representation, which is tinged with a distinctly Cordovan register that does not cease to be poetic, sensitive or alien. The invitation is to unite two generations: those who saw that Ramona of past decades and rediscover her in a quartet recital, and those who for the first time come to know this story, traversed by this rhythm that resonates and is amplified in the streets. Tickets from 500 pesos available through the system or at the theater box office. Repeats Saturday 15 at 9:30 p.m. and Sunday 16 at 8:30 p.m.

Saturday 15

At 21. Theater from the balcony: It’s not Barcelona

The Cordovan Comedy and Children’s Comedy they come together to sing in a choir their own version of the classic: Queen’s Barcelona. The song, whose lyrics were modified, expresses with humor, a bit of irony and also catharsis, the complex situation of theater artists who are trying to rearm themselves in a cultural and social context affected by the pandemic. “It’s not Barcelona, ​​this is Córdoba…” they sing over the melody of Queen, crying out for a culture that lives and not only survives the world crisis. You can follow CulturaCBA on Youtube

Sunday 16th

At 21. Youth Academic Orchestra: Three centuries in concert

The Youth Academic Orchestra of the Teatro del Libertador presents, under the baton of the teacher Laura Cmet, Three centuries in concert: Holborne, Vivaldi and Mozart, a sound tour with the outstanding performances of the soloists Natalia Martínez and Melisa Montes (flutes) and Ingrid Prytz Nilsson (violin). Renaissance, baroque and classicism. You can follow CulturaCBA on Youtube

/ Source and photos: Córdoba Culture Agency /

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