Aníbal Pachano offers his show "So i come back" with modality "to the galley"

Hannibal Pachano He decided that since last Wednesday, his show “So I’m Back” with which he says goodbye to the stage, have a week of localities “a la galera” in their functions at the Aquarium Theater of Villa Carlos Paz.

Due to the current socioeconomic context andchoreographer, dancer and theater director It opens the doors of the theater so that the entire public can see and enjoy a large-scale show, as decided by the production company We Latin America Entertainment.

“We have a lot of young artistic talent that people don’t get to know either because they can’t afford a ticket or because the new generation of artists is not given the place. I want everyone to meet these great dancers, actors, actresses and singers who are starting on the national scene “ The artist justified the decision, in a note with the Telam agency.

The creator of the Botton Tap continued to explain: “We open the doors of the theater so that all families can experience a unique moment. It is my farewell to the stage and I want it to be in a big way, to a full house and for everyone to have the same opportunities “ .

“So I come back” is the title of the show of excellent workmanship in which Pachano is seconded by Georgina Tirotta, Yasmin Corti, Victoria Molotok, Marcela Wonder, Gonzalo Gerber, Nacho Pérez Cortés, Matías Vega, Yanina Muzyka and Emmanuel Casal.

The functions “a la gallera”, an elegant way of calling the modality “a la cap”, will be extended until Sunday, always at 9 p.m., at the Aquarium Gallery, Leandro N. Alem 48 High Floor, in the center of the Villa.

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