Ángel de Brito told the reason why Laurita Fernández and Lourdes Sánchez get along terrible: "It was all for…"

If there is someone whom almost nobody wants in the world of entertainment, it is undoubtedly Lourdes Sánchez. Not only do they accuse her of being well off, but they also tell her that she sings lousy and that she is false because in front of the cameras she shows herself in one way, while behind the scenes she is a totally different person.

Now, the one who clearly gets along with her is Ángel de Brito, who today is enjoying a well-deserved vacation in Punta del Este, after having worked all of 2020 and 2021 without stopping. In fact, it was his program that covered the most Wanda Gate, the great scandal of the year.

It’s been a long time since by Brito He said that he felt very tired and that his schedule was quite full. Fed up with the demands, he decided to give up absolutely everything, Showmatch and his big hit show “Los Angeles de la Mañana”. It was then that everyone was surprised by the breakup of the relationship with El Trece.

Days before your program ends, Angel invited great celebrities who went through his cycle to close in the best way, obviously they were on different days Laurita Fernández and Lourdes Sanchez. The divas were always highly supported by the show’s panelists and especially by the driver’s fans.

Although apparently the ones who do not get along are them or at least they confirmed it. Angel of Brito on his Instagram account when a follower made me choose between the two and although I can’t do it, the former jury of “Showmatch: The Academy” revealed that he loves both of them very much, but that they get along terrible.

When the Internet user asked which of the two he would choose to lead a program with him, the famous chimentero without giving much thought replied: “I love them both very much. They don’t love each other hahaha”. This confirmed the suspicions that many had. On the part of the famous, none came out to speak on the subject.

But what was it that happened? As this site could know, the story comes from old data: “When the two were dancers. A kind of blonde and brunette, like Jelinek and Zamolo were in Ideas”, they said.

And it was De Brito himself who did it off camera: “There were very ugly situations. But minor things from co-workers. And from that moment they don’t even want to be together,” Hill.

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