Ángel de Brito showed the luxurious truck that Baclini gave to Cinthia Fernández: "Ruined"

In the fun posts you can see the disorder inside the car and the amount of objects and products that Cinthia Fernández carries on each trip.

In the videos you can see a bag of makeup, towels, repellants and more.

cinthia camioneta.jpg

“Between picket and picket I’m going to brush up”says Cinthia Férnandez in one of the videos referring to the cuts she faces from her home to Constitución.

He also showed that he has the front seat covered with a white towel. For what is this? Protect the leather from it. “My trunk broke”, He said to explain that right there he places the backpacks of three daughters, who are sitting in their corresponding chairs in the back seat. “I live in the country and they bring me the mud”He added about the grime he wants to avoid in his car.

“It sucks”Cinthia said with a laugh and showed that she also carries a package with ore and clarified that it is “For the bad vibes.”

“The order?” De Brito asked and redoubled considering what would happen if Martín Baclini saw the state of the truck. “Luckily I’m not here,” replied the panelist and explained that when they were dating the businessman took the vehicle to wash every Thursday. “We send him a little kiss. A Mercedes like that … “highlighted the journalist, pointing to the high-end brand.

“… it’s ruined”Fernandez added.

Days before Cinthia Fernandez He showed again that he is the queen when it comes to exploiting social networks. Once again, the fitness fanatic goddess showed how she does to maintain her figure and caused the delirium of her followers.

While their goal was to promote a protein shake, Cinthia Fernandez He took the opportunity to exercise and share with his followers part of the secret behind his hillock.


The most striking thing was the mischievous message with which he accompanied his publication. “Were you tempted? She began by writing boldly.”The heat began and the time of Culito al viento with bikinis began, so nothing better than a good workout and to regain muscle and lose weight “, he continued.

“I asked you if you were tempted by something cool that you thought,” she closed with amusement.

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