An old acquaintance and a former U and UC player are listed as possible reinforcements for Santiago Wanderers

Santiago Wanderers, condemned to First B For a few weeks now, he has focused on finishing in the best possible way his participation in the 2021 National Championship, knowing that in 2022 he will have to fight in the Ascent to go back to the top flight.

The “Caturros”, who are experiencing not only a sports crisis, but also an institutional crisis, with a significant short-circuit between some leaders and the leadership, want their stay in the second category to be as short as possible, and for the same reason they already have some footballers in the portfolio who could give them a hand in the search for a return to Primera.

As reported by the Sintonía Verde program, the positions to be strengthened in the cadre that he now directs Jorge Garcés they are the central rear, the right lateral zone and the offensive, where two attackers are targeted.

Castro could return to Valparaíso

Those targeted at Wanderers

Reiner Castro, Venezuelan striker of Deportes Temuco, would be one of those chosen by the directors of the port. The attacker confessed to En Cancha his desire to return to Valparaíso and that is why efforts will be made to “repatriate” him.

The other gunner who would be in Wanderers mind is the Argentine Ezequiel Rescaldani, that today militates in San Martín de San Juan, where he has scored nine goals.

In the background, meanwhile, a former player of la U and at UC: Benjamin Vidal. The now central of Coquimbo Kingdom, recently promoted to the First Division, would already have an offer from the “Dean” in his hands, although he still analyzes it without giving an answer. The side? For now there would be no specific name.

Wanderers’ next challenge in the tournament will be against Audax Italiano in Valparaíso, this Sunday from 12:00.

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