An influencer will not gender her baby so that "choose freely"

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To make sure nothing interferes with your parenting freedom, The Brazilian influencer and her husband, the youtuber Fred, painted the baby’s room purple, a mix between pink and light blue. Your clothes will be the same color.

The idea occurred to Fred. The father said that his sister recently confessed to him that he is a non-binary person, in other words, their self-designated identity is not perceived as totally masculine or feminine.

The influencer Bianca Andrade, her son Cris and father Fred..jpg

After understanding her sister’s struggle to feel comfortable with her body, she concluded that she would not subject her son to such identity and gender issues., so you have the freedom of choice.

Speaking to GQ magazine from Brazil , it was Fred who described the details of the decision the couple made: “When we found out about the pregnancy, we were super excited and wanted to do everything. Even a celebration for when we found out the sex of Cris.”

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Then the father explained: “When we told my sister this, she said, ‘Why are you going to do that? Why do we need to celebrate gender and not just celebrate person? ‘ She told me this in a very light way and it made me think, “reflected the youtuber.

“So Bianca and I came to a conclusion: for us, it doesn’t matter if a boy or a girl is born,” said the father.

Brazilian influencer Bianca Andrade with her son Cris.jpg

Cris was born on July 15 and is already a star of social networks with thousands of fans who day by day follow the images that his mother publishes on social networks. At the same time, Bianca became a reference point for motherhood, recounting all the problems that she must deal with as the little one grows up.

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