An athlete denounces the coach César Millán

César Millán was denounced by an American gymnast, because the dog, owned by the so-called “dog charmer”, was bitten on his leg, which caused serious consequences.

As reported by the TMZ site, Lidia Mattis, such the name of the sport This one, had been attacked in 2017, by Junior, the coach’s pit bull when he visited his mother at work – located on a property in Millán.

The injuries caused by the dog would have removed the young promise from competitions due to the physical and emotional pain of the incident.

In addition, Matiss denounced that “Junior” would have killed one of the dogs of the rapper and actress “Queen Latifah” and that César would have covered up the murder as an outrage.

Millán responded to the complaint stating that the young woman had assumed the risk, since she knew that “Junior” was dangerous. The denounced pit bull was the faithful companion of Millán in his program “The Dog Whisperer”, but he died on July 21 at the age of 15.

In 2013, César Millán appeared in Córdoba before an Orfeo Superdomo packed with spectators eager to receive the advice of the well-known “dog charmer”.

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