AMLO qualifies as "very well" management of Sheinbaum in CDMX

When asked to rate Claudia Sheinbaum’s performance as head of the Mexico City government, the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) rated his management with a MB “very good” and ensured that his administration “It was first class”.

In a morning press conference at the National Palace, AMLO affirmed that there are other public servants in his government who also have MB.

“Just as they rated us before in the Faculty of Political Sciences, which was NA ‘Not Accredited’ -it was when they brushed one-, then S ‘Sufficient’; B ‘Good’ and MB ‘Very Good’.”

“And the E for ‘excellent’, there was none,” intervened a reporter.

“No, we are going to keep those four. It has ‘MB’, Claudia, ‘MB’. There are other public servants of the government who also have ‘MB’; yes all ‘MB’. It is very good, but from independent governments, autonomous , sovereigns like the government of the City, Claudia de primera, MB “, he said.

This Tuesday, in a survey published by EL UNIVERSAL, it reveals that within days of submitting her third work report, the capital’s president obtains 67.5% acceptance in her management, the highest of the year.

Acceptance for the work carried out by the head of local government shows a recovery of 9.7% compared to the measurement of May, at which time the Metro accident occurred and the electoral campaigns were halfway there.

In the last year the local government faced the problems derived from confinement, the pandemic generated by the COVID-19, the local election and the accident on Line 12 of the Metro, which at times caused the inhabitants of the City to perceive that the problems were overtaking the government.

However, in recent months, Claudia Sheinbaum has begun to regain the confidence of her governed; However, 61.1% of the people think that the problems of the capital of the country have exceeded it; but 61.8% consider that she has demonstrated the ability to solve them.

In the perception of 49% of the citizenry, insecurity remains the main problem facing Mexico City at the moment; COVID-19, with 11%, is the second most mentioned difficulty, and unemployment is in third place, with 7.9%.


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