América Kids: what happened to the members’ lives and how they currently look 15 years after its premiere | Photos | Shows

America Kids It was part of the television programming of Peruvian houses in 2007 after the end of María Pía y Timoteo, one of the most watched shows by América Televisión’s children’s audience.

This production was a fiction that showed what a television channel run by children was like. The space had different varied sequences that enriched the content. However, the show culminated in 2012 with the sequel La AKdemia.

From América Kids several characters came out, such as Flavia Laos, Sasha Kapsunov, María Grazia Gamarra, Ximena Hoyos, Silvana Cañote, Manuela Camacho and more.


15 years after the premiere of a production directed for children and adolescents, we show you what its members look like.

Flavia Laos

Flavia Laos made her first pinnacles on television by becoming part of the cast of America Kids. Over the years, the young woman made her way into competing soap operas and reality shows. Currently, she is one of the most important influencers in the country with more than 4 million followers on Instagram.

Flavia Laos is one of the most sought-after influencers in Peru. Photo: capture / America TV, Flavia Laos / Instagram

Maria Grazia Gamarra

Maria Grazia Gamarra was another of the members of the program who rose to fame. She led her acting career and starred in several productions, such as Mi amor el wachimán 1 and 2, Mis tres Marías, Mujercitas, among others. The 30-year-old interpreter is married to Heinz Gildemeister and has two children.

María Grazia Gamarra is married and has two children. Photo: capture / América TV, María Grazia Gamarra / Instagram

Sasha Kapsunov

Like María Grazia Gamarra, Sasha Kapsunov He also turned to acting when he appeared on the first season of Back in the Neighborhood. He gave life to ‘Pichón Bravo’ in his youth. Sasha, who now stands out in the audiovisual field, has a partner and a daughter.

Sasha Kapsunov participated in Back in the neighborhood. Photo: capture / America TV, Sasha Kapsunov / Instagram

Andrea Luna

After passing through América Kids, Andrea Luna continued in the acting industry. The 30-year-old has starred in several novels, such as Madness of love, Only a mother, Mother’s love. As for theater, she debuted in 2013 with the leading role in Romeo and Juliet. In addition, he appeared in several national films. At the moment, it is part of the series Meeting of neighbors.

Andrea Luna grew as an actress. Photo: capture / América TV, Andrea Luna / Instagram

Alejandro Roca Rey

Alejandro Roca Rey is a singer, actor and film director. On his social networks, he shares his days at the beach and playing some musical instruments.

Alejandro Roca Rey is dedicated to music. Photo: capture / América TV, Alejandro Roca Rey / Instagram

Ximena Hoyos

Ximena Hoyos He is an influencer and has chosen to lead a healthy life. She has participated in bodybuilding contests.

Ximena Hoyos is dedicated to bodybuilding. Photo: capture / América TV, Ximena Hoyos / Instagram

Manuela Camacho

Manuela Camacho She is a journalist and host. In July 2021, she got engaged to Roberto Britto. She is currently focused on digital journalism. She is co-creator, together with the journalist Yanira Dávila, of the information portal created on Instagram Dilo Fuerte Perú, and currently has more than 200 thousand followers. Likewise, I also created the space for information on sexual health on the same platform called Sex with sense, where it has more than 20 thousand followers.

Manuela Camacho is a journalist. Photo: capture / América TV, Manuela Camacho / Instagram

Silvana Cañote

Silvana Cañote worked on the novels Mi Esperanza and Mis tres Marías.

Silvana Cañote is also dedicated to acting. Photo: capture / América TV, Silvana Cañote / Instagram

Valeria Flórez

At the beginning of October 2020, Valeria Flórez He made his debut as a singer with his song “Ya no”. Likewise, she is currently immersed in the world of media, since in 2019 she debuted as a presenter on the program La Noche on radio Onda Cero, and is currently one of the hosts of the program Un día en el mall, broadcast by Willax .

Valeria Flórez is a singer. Photo: capture / América TV, Valeria Flórez / Instagram

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