Almost endless waiting: eleven insights into the NFL start

The start of this new NFL season packed with crashing action is over – and has left lasting impressions. While many teams celebrate, others suffer. Best of NFL 2021, Week 1 …

They gave everything, but in the end they lost out to the Chiefs: Baker Mayfield and the Browns.

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1. The reigning Super Bowl champion from Tampa Bay won a dramatic opening game in the last second against the Dallas Cowboys with a wafer-thin lead, which also resulted in the following: Legend Tom Brady has still not lost a duel with the Texans ( The balance is 6: 0).

2. However, cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, who ran straight from the start after a long injury and recorded 403 passing yards and three touchdowns, was celebrated at this NFL opener.

3. After Shannon Eastin and Sarah Thomas, Maia Chaka became only the third NFL referee – and at the same time the first black woman to become part of an American football referee crew. “This moment is bigger than a personal achievement. It stands as an achievement for all women, my community and my culture”, she said happily after her call for the game between Jets and Panthers this week 1.

4. Aaron Rodgers had one of his darkest hours with the Green Bay Packers at 3:38, the leader of “The Pack” as an NFL starter has never lost a game so behind – and spent many of the final minutes on the bench .

5. In addition to the Packers, the remaining three teams from NFC North, Bears, Vikings and Lions, also lost at the start of the NFL. There was at least one winning team in each of the other seven divisions.

6. The opposite has meanwhile been achieved by the teams from AFC West (Raiders, Broncos, Chiefs, Raiders) and NFC West (Seahawks, Cardinals around the strong Kyler Murray, Rams, 49ers), these two divisions are enthroned exclusively with victories above the rest.

Giants can no longer do it positively

7. Only the New York Giants, who have not played very successfully for years, can dream of this, this time having to accept a 13:27 against the Denver Broncos – and have therefore been waiting for it since 2016, even at some point in the season with a positive balance to stand there. At the moment it is known to be 0: 1 in the NFC East.

8. Also in the queue are the Cleveland Browns, who sold well with the Kansas City Chiefs, but were still beaten by Patrick Mahomes & Co. 29:33 in the end. The team from Ohio has not achieved an opening win since the 2004 season – 0:16 with only one draw is the sad result.

9. Speaking of Mahomes and the Chiefs: The star quarterback from Kansas City was behind the Browns by more than two scores in the meantime – and in the end turned something like this into a triumph for the ninth time in his career (only two bankruptcies) .

10. Washington’s new quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick suffered the first serious injury to a key player of the season, but a complete end of the season for “Fitzmagic” has not yet been communicated.

11. By the Monday Night Game at the Las Vegas Raiders, the Baltimore Ravens had won 98 games in a row, in which they had led with at least 14 points. But this time it was that time again: Lamar Jackson & Co. lost a dramatic game after an initial 14-0 lead with 27:33 in overtime.

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