“Allez Opi Omi”: Parole after falling drama for woman with shield demanded

Dhe spectator responsible for the mass fall on the first Tour de France stage in June had to answer in court on Thursday in Brest. The prosecution demanded four months probation for the 31-year-old, as the newspaper “Le Parisien” reported. A verdict will be pronounced on December 9th.

The woman had held a large cardboard sign with greetings to Grandpa and Grandma on the route in Brittany in the television cameras. Time trial world champion Tony Martin hit the shield at high speed, causing around 50 other riders to fall.

The woman initially moved away from the scene, but turned in days later. According to the court, she is accused of negligent bodily harm and endangering the lives of others. In the court hearing it was said that the defendant had understood the danger of what she was doing and had apologized.

The French woman chose the label “Allez Opi – Omi” because of her grandmother of German descent. She was sure that the grandparents were watching the tour on TV.

The Tour de France ultimately refrained from taking legal action against the woman. The international professional cycling federation (CPA), however, held on to a lawsuit. It was about promoting more respect for the cyclists who had trained months for the tour and some of whom could no longer continue afterwards, it said in a statement by the CPA.

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