All the classic Mexican songs that Angela Aguilar performed

Angela Aguilar She is, without a doubt, one of the artists of the moment for several of her songs such as “Tell me how you want”, “In reality” or “There where they see me”. However, at her young age, she is already an honored singer who has interpreted the best and classic mexican songs.

Not many, in the world of music, have been as lucky as she has been. And that has nothing to do with belonging to the Aguilar Dynasty. Alone, with her personality and conviction, she has shown the indisputable talent and sweet voice that characterizes her.

Thanks to the success that she has been reaping for quite some time, the young woman has managed to be called to participate in different events of great relevance, such as singing the Mexican national anthem or interpreting songs by other artists to whom she praised them.

SOURCE: Las Américas newspaper

Angela Aguilar comes shining with its own light and, therefore, to its 18 years It has already become a benchmark for regional Mexican music. Her voice and undeniable talent that she inherited from her grandparents, Antonio Aguilar, Doña Flor Silvestre and her father, Pepe Aguilar, place her today in the place she deserves.

This is a rough list of the classic mexican songs who interpreted Angela Aguilar:

  • Black pigeon
  • La Llorona
  • Red Sky
  • National anthem of Mexico
  • As the flower
  • What sounds the most
  • The mañanitas
  • The horseman
  • Your blood in my body
  • I looked for it
  • Tribute to the greats
  • I like you so much
  • Cute little sky
  • La Tequilera

Possibly some are missing. However, in her great repertoire, there is no doubt that Angela always reaches the top for her exalted vocal quality and incredible performance.

Although most of his songs are not his own, as is the case with La Llorona, an emblematic and classic mexican song, her version was glorified and even led her to win an award.

Of all his performances, which is the song that you like the most?

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