Alicia Kirchner in the presentation of the draft Law for the Promotion of Hydrocarbon Investments

After noon, at the Bicentennial Museum, the President Alberto Fernandez heads the project of Law for the Promotion of Hydrocarbon Investments, conference in which the Governor of Santa Cruz is present, Alicia kirchner, and the President of YPF, Pablo González. The leaders of the member provinces of the Ofephi, businessmen and unions of the sector also participate.

The first national president is accompanied by the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, and the Secretary of Energy, Dario Martinez. This one, gave a few words at the beginning and indicated that the oil has been showing positive results, with 521 thousand barrels per day, a figure above the average during 2016-2019.

He stressed that this project is the product of the decisions made by the President and Vice President, but also from the sector that responded to this policy.

With this new law it is sought stimulate investments in oil and gas production, and infrastructure works, and contains a general regime; and another for special projects that will be maintained for 20 years.

(Pablo González, President of YPF)

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