Alberto prepares announcements and resists changes in the cabinet

President Alberto Fernández put his entire cabinet to work against the clock to arrive on time with the measures that would be announced this Thursday in a great act, which would have the sole objective of beginning to turn around the social spirit that was decisive in the hard defeat of the Sunday, and at the same time face the two years that remain in office, especially the month until the general elections, in the midst of another climate.

This is what the President’s main spokesmen say after the emergency meetings he held yesterday and this morning with his main officials, such as the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero; the ministers of Economy, Martín Guzmán; of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas; of Work, Claudio Moroni, and his inseparable collaborators Julio Vitobello and Juan Pablo Biondi.

Fernández, say those who are aware of those emergency projects that Alberto wants to announce the day after tomorrow, would emphasize three or four fundamental aspects whose sole objective, almost emergency, is to put a little more money in the pocket of retirees and the most backward classes, where it is believed that there was a greater amount of punishment vote in the tough defeat on Sunday.

Thus, the head of state would announce improvements as of next month in the assets of retirees and pensioners, in the Universal Allowance for Child, in the increase in the minimum living and mobile wage that Minister Moroni analyzes for these hours with trade unionists and businessmen , and in other social plans that benefit a total of about six million people, more than half of them settled in the Buenos Aires suburbs.

The president thus moves against the clock amid strong versions of changes in the national cabinet allegedly claimed by Cristina Fernández or the tough sector of the Frente de Todos that blames Fernández for Sunday’s electoral debacle. Or, at the same time, in the midst of the “clamor” of his own environment for him to “read very well” the mandate from the polls last Sunday and finally “open up” or distance himself from the extreme dependence that he showed so far of your political boss.

To begin with, this morning official voices were reiterated that assured that the President will not make changes in the cabinet, not in the times or in the ways that they demand from the most intransigent Christianity. This includes, as has already been seen, social actors accompanying the government and various mayors of Greater Buenos Aires.

Alberto seemed to want to make a show of force in that internal fight when for his first meeting on Monday just arrived from Olivos, after Sunday’s electoral tsunami, he summoned Guzmán and Kulfas to his office at the Casa Rosada, and then added Cafiero, three of the most demanded heads from the sectors that respond to the vice president.

“The President is not going to change ministers now, it does not make sense, he has already said that he heard the result of the ballot box and with this team he will apply the necessary corrections,” was heard today near Secretary General Vitobello, one of his main bishops.

There would also be other factors that could influence the decision not to change ministers just now, before the general elections in November, which on the first floor of the Casa Rosada are quietly brandishing themselves and trying not to make them public. In effect, the president would seek to “open” his management and for that he has to show that he is turning towards moderation with the same team that he formed. “If we start by handing over a head at the first cry of the inmate, it would be a terrible sign for November,” they insist in the presidential chambers. However, there are those who assure that this arm wrestling is still open.

Regarding a possible radicalization of Cristina Fernández, faithful to her style according to the evidence in the face of defeats already suffered, in the Casa Rosada they deny it outright. Or at least they assure that Alberto would hardly be willing to “crash completely” the official ship when what is imposed if the electorate that fled angry or frustrated from the government’s side last Sunday is to be recovered is a moderation promised in 2019 (“ We came back better ”) and never fulfilled until now.

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