Alarm due to the lack of covers due to import obstacles

The consequences of the recent measures taken by the Bank Central they begin to generate alarm in the business sector. This Thursday the company Fate informed that it will have to stop its production due to the impossibility of bringing materials from abroad.

Through a statement they reported that the decision was made “by virtue of the new provisions established by the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic“which establishes that” those companies that acquire goods from abroad are prevented from making payments for their imports both with the method of advance payment and payment for goods already shipped. “

“Attentive that our suppliers of raw Materials These payment methods require as a commercial condition for the supply of the goods, we are unable to be provided with the raw material necessary for the manufacture of our products “, expressed from the company that produces tires.

Fate’s statement

“The reported situation, which is unforeseen and unavoidable and which goes beyond our will, inevitably has a stop in production and the reassignment of products that are available for sale. For this reason, we regret to inform you that we are forced to reschedule part of the deliveries scheduled for this month “, underlines the company’s statement.

It is signed by the Commercial Manager of the company, Miguel Abelardo Canay, who undertakes to seek a solution to this “undesirable” situation for the industry in general. Above all, in order to “normalize the supply as soon as possible”.

But at the same time they warn that if this situation continues they will have to communicate in the short term “the total impossibility of supply.


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