Aguas Cordobesas could apply restrictions if consumption records continue

Given the high temperatures prevailing in the last days in Córdoba, from Aguas Cordobesas, the concessionary company of the drinking water service for the capital, they called for social responsibility to “avoid waste” that has generated records of consumption of the vital element in the last days, causing that the two water treatment plants of the company are working very demanding.

Cristina Barrientos, spokeswoman for Aguas Cordobesas, said that for now there are no restrictions on the service such as rotary cuts, but warned that “if necessary, we will put together a schedule to provide the service, so that everyone we can count on him. “

“It is an extreme situation that we should not reach because the production we have of drinking water is more than enough to supply the entire city, as long as there is responsible consumption,” he pointed out and recalled that “the water that some waste, missing another neighbor. “

In that direction, he graphed that “The World Health Organization suggests that 100 liters per person per day is more than enough to cover the basic needs of food, hygiene and hydration, while here we have reached almost 400 liters per person per day, due to wasteful actions, such as watering plants, washing cars and sidewalks or changing the water in the pools so as not to carry out the “due maintenance.”

Barrientos argued that from the company they appeal “to the social conscience and solidarity of all the neighbors, to have a responsible consumption of water, so that there are no neighborhoods or sectors that feel harmed by the lack” of the liquid element.

Later, he pointed out that although record numbers are made drinkable every day, “the system” is “stressed” by the high and unjustified levels of consumption. “The plants are at maximum drinking capacity, 7.5 household tanks leave our plants per second,” he said.

Finally, he assured that “50% of the city already has a system for measuring” water consumption and “they are the sectors with the highest consumption.” However, he asserted that between 60 and 70% of our clients do not consume more than 30 cubic meters of water per month, that is to say less than the free base “, but there are other sectors that with their high consumption put the system to the limit.

Cristina Barrientos-Spokesperson for Aguas Cordobesas – It’s here / AM 580 by

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