After several days of rain and storms, how will the weekend of the elections be?

Although it was much less intense, the wind remained in the first part of this Friday, which allowed the remaining clouds to be carried away and after noon it gave way to the first rays of sun.

In this framework, it must be said that generally good weather is announced for this weekend and that only a minimal chance of rain appears for Sunday night.

In short, according to what the National Meteorological Service (SMN) estimates, this Saturday is expected to be slightly cloudy in the morning and partially cloudy in the afternoon, with a minimum of around 10 degrees and a maximum of 18, while that at night the wind will return with gusts of between 50 and 60 k / h.

The gusts of wind will extend during the early hours and into the morning of Sunday, the day of Passages, in which the weather will remain partially cloudy, with a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 21 degrees.


While on Sunday night there is between a 10 and 40% chance of rain.

For now, and always according to the forecast issued by the SMN, the beginning of the week would be with good weather, with minimum temperatures that will oscillate between 15 degrees and the maximum will be around 22 and 24 degrees, with partially cloudy days .

And at least until Thursday of next week no rain is in sight, with the exception of what has been said above for this Sunday night.

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