After long meetings, Lagna promised more patrols in Pellegrini, Pichincha and La Florida

After a violent weekend like few others, and an unusual attack in the city center, the expectations for the first business day after the last holiday of the year were for announcements that bring some peace of mind to citizens, who are not only embarrassed because of the continuous street robberies and the rise in the homicide rate, but because of a saga that began with service stations, continued with schools on election day and even included the facade of a union. All before simultaneous attacks on two gastronomic places. But the news was that Governor Omar Perotti, who still did not speak about the latest attacks, was moving to Rosario to have “work meetings.”

Faced with rumors of changes in the Security portfolio, Minister Jorge Lagna himself denied them and, instead, only spoke of “permanent work table”, “more patrols” and statements of the kind.

He also confirmed that he had spoken with his national counterpart Aníbal Fernández about the particularities of the attack on the El Establo grill and that the work with the federal forces will be reformulated.

The declarations

After a series of meetings led by Perotti, with members of the security forces; with the mayor of Rosario, Pablo Javkin, and leaders of different towns in the area; and with representatives of the gastronomic union, Lagna said that the “creation of a permanent work table with the owners of department stores, parking lots, restaurants” was agreed, in addition to implementing “corridors in Pellegrini, Pichincha and Norte, which will have special treatment “and carry out” many more patrols of the four federal forces and the provincial force. “

“When you face organized gangs you have to answer with great seriousness, dignity and work. Here we have to work with human resources —hundreds of new police officers are coming next month—, we are going to triple the patrol, we continue with the tenders to make a technological leap and we have to improve the provincial and municipal video surveillance system ” , he stated.

Lagna promised that “a thousand agents will arrive in Rosario in March and the ones that are will be kept.” And he stressed that “you have to build houses and detachments for these agents, that takes time.”

Regarding the shooting attacks against El Establo and the Jorgito Junior cart, he stated: “This fact cannot go unpunished, it is a hinge event and we need it to be clarified as soon as possible.”

He also indicated that he contacted the Minister of National Security, Aníbal Fernández, to provide him with details about the meetings. “He asked me for details on this specific fact,” he added.

He said that “everyone’s motto is to work together to defend the institutionality, strengthen the work of the State, intensify work in the street and investigation, and finally the specific fact that motivates this meeting.”

Regarding the measures to be implemented, he remarked that there will be “many more patrols by the four federal forces and the provincial force” and “a new communication system between the forces and the gastronomic establishments.”

Lagna remarked that “a specific situation of intimidation should not instill fear” such as these bullet attacks, and told the representatives of the gastronomic establishments: “I appreciate the way in which they faced the problem, the calm with which it was exposed. At times like this you have to have a lot of courage ”.

Regarding the possibility of name changes in the provincial Security structure, he asserted: “I have not talked about it all day, it is not in my mind.”

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