Adele surprises showing her new single on Instagram Live

Adele returned to excite her fans after appearing live on her Instagram account where she shared another fragment of her next single, Easy on me.

On this occasion, the British singer could be heard performing this new song.

In addition to this, with a publication on said social network, he announced the date on which his next album will be released, which he has titled with number 30.

โ€œAlong the way, I have learned many truths about myself. I have shed many layers, but I also wrapped myself in new ones. I discovered genuinely helpful and healthy mindsets that I got on with, and I feel like I’ve finally found my way again. I would dare to say that I have never felt calmer in my life. For this reason, I am ready to finally release this album โ€, reads its text, which also indicates that it will be released on November 19 of this year.

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