Abortion in Mexico: "I wanted to reflect not offend them", says priest accused of calling to kill for interrupting pregnancy

MONCLOVA, Coahuila.- The Catholic priest of the La Salle parish in the city of Monclova, Lázaro Hernández Soto, apologized to the women and assured that he did not want to offend them because he only wanted to urge them to reflect so that they do not abort.

He argued the controversy that was unleashed that took their words out of context, because nothing else was intended to make them reflect so that “Save your babies, they are defenseless beings.”

Father Lázaro caused controversy after in his homily last Sunday, when he criticized the decriminalization of abortion by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), claimed it was better for fathers to kill their daughters instead of them terminating the pregnancy.

A woman who aborts is no longer good for anything, “he said then.

They criticize priest for sayings about young people who interrupt their pregnancy

Your affirmations were recorded and reproduced on social networksThey have also received countless criticisms, but also signs of support from their parishioners.

At a press conference, franchised by those of his fellow religiouss, the priest stressed that the Catholic Church defends life as established by one of the 10 commandments, that is why one of the principles of Catholicism is “You shall not kill.”

“I was preaching on the dignity and rights of the family. He spoke of the domestic Church, which is the family where one is educated in the values ​​of the Gospel, of faith, of love … to speak of the Family is to speak of children, adolescents, young people, women, men So I was going around, raising awareness of the importance of life, not death.

“The example did come up that why do we kill children who cannot defend themselves and free the murderers who can defend themselves, but it was not that I said ‘we are going to kill women’, it was not to attack women ”, He argued.

“Women are important,” says priest

He added that women are so important in any environment, “We have the figure of the Blessed Virgin, I praise the greatness of the woman”, and highlighted that we all come from them. “I apologize, it was not my intention to offend anyone,” he emphasized.

At the press conference he offered at his church in Monclova pointed out that he already explained to the bishop of Saltillo, Hilario González, the situation.

Father Lázaro commented that during the mass “Nobody claimed me at the time, rather until later it came out and we didn’t even notice.”

“They should not lead them to a decision like this”

I affirm that If we really want to help women, we should see what all the institutions are doing in the case to give security to women.

“You have to give them a legal framework so that they feel protected and do not feel so forced to make a decision like this”, said. “We know what it means for a mother to commit the sin of taking the life of the defenseless child she is expecting,” he said.

He was accompanied by Father Néstor Martínez, responsible for the Biblical and Parish Ministry of the Church of the Holy Spirit and the Pastoral of Multitudes, as well as the priest Cortés Salvador, delegate of the Bishop of Saltillo, Hilario González García, in the Central Region.

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